Lets do this Together

Decentralized Social Media

We are creating our own platform for groups that wants to work with the fractal circle methods to create positive change, We are the next generation of socially aware people who want to have a future where freedom and civil liberties are protected.


Join our community and meet more awake people in your area. Log in, join a group, and start connecting!

Fractal Café

On the 9th of Mars, we have a Fractal Circle presentation where we talk about how we can use fractals to create more cooperation and direction in the awake movement. UniteAwake.com/fractalmeet/

What we bring to the table

Fractal Meeting Platform

We are combining our knowledge to create the change that we want to see using Dynamic Fractal Organizations. In this way, we know that we are in control and that no one will be able to steer us away from the truth.

Creating Community

It’s not only about online communities. We are many and we can start to reach out to each other creating projects in our own communities. There are so many things that need to be done and this is the way to enjoy life.

Get the Real Story

We aspire to give you the best from the alternative community, and at the same time secure that we have the right facts. We are keeping things real by having our own fackt-checkers on our team.

One step at a time we are securing our sovereign rights.

Our work is guided by a longing for the liberation of all beings on the planet and the trustees will follow the practices and moral codes expected from a next-generation social platform.

#StayAwake is a platform that is totally run by the community using the state of the art decentralized organization methods. We are creating a totally independent media platform driven by real people like you and me. Welcome to the community!