About Us

The Decentralized Solution

We explore the potential of self-organizing networks through the formation of “Fractal Circles” where like-minded individuals can share ideas and collaborate around topics that interest them and bond them together ~ OR ~ just as a “cell” who find value in sharing and supporting each other in their journey through life together. Fractal Circles is an emergent framework for how to quickly easily and effectively organize into working groups that enter into a constructive container to be able to connect, share their ideas, ask questions, get help, and connect more broadly to the macro scale of the human collective intelligence through collaborating in an easy to coordinate and be fully included in the micro-scale group

See: FractalCircles.org and FreedomCells.org

The United Awakening

One People One Plan

ONE PEOPLE, ONE PLAN. We are uniting the people of the world by co-creating a common strategy. We are approaching a critical time as people are waking up to the corruption of the current system. The banking system and political systems of the world are being exposed. We are many and if we unite we will make our voice heard. This is the time for the next flower revolution. A revolution of non-violence and non-compliance. Uniting the Awake people and creating a common strategy will make us stronger than we can imagine.

See: UniteAwake.com

Healthy, Happy and Sustainable

We Can Create a Sustainable World Ourselves

FNs Agenda 2030, World Economic Forums The Great Reset, and other globalist lobby organizations are punching for their ‘solutions’ to the world crisis. Let’s show them that we do not need them to solve the problems that they themselves have created. We can do it and we will. The solutions are already out there. Permaculture, alternative medicine, meditation, block-chains, and more. It will be a game-changer as soon as we start to organize and get to work. Let’s make this world a better place!  

See: TheGreaterReset.org

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