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This is the starting point. We are here because we know that the time is changing. We come here to Thrive.
We claim our freedom by choosing to take full responsibility for our actions. We are Free, Sovereign, and Powerful. In this group, free men and women ...
Share ideas on how to have good health. Find people in your area, and start practicing together.
We are creating the future ourselves using new methods. Fractal circles, blockchains, local currencies and more.
Here we talk about how to make StayAwake work
Här samtalar vi och organiserar oss på svenska.
We are informing people about the dangers that the lockdown presents to our democratic right and how it can be abused to create control.
GRACE is a concept without compromise: the truth or nothing. NO political strategic bending of facts. YES to clarity and comprehensive communication a...
Find awake people in your local area and start meeting circles.
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We are making history is based on a totallyRead More

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The world is moving at a fast rate towards aRead More