Protocol 22/02/2021 is the organization that is supporting the community and is developing and spreading the method. We are having meetings every 2:nd, 11:th and 22:nd of each month. We are looking everywhere for people who have the courage to act and help us to make this tree grow. You can join at any time and there is no hierarchy or group that is controlling our work. You are needed and wanted!

Current Projects

We present our current projects that are supported and started by members of the UniteAwake team. Here I present some of the new ideas. You can find more information on Pandemocracy We want to reach out and will be focusing on the Pandemocracy project that is hosted on We are printing flyers for people to share on the streets and in restaurants. Everyone can join the group and order material to start spreading the message. We will make an effort to give more attention to the project and get more people involved. The response has been good and many people like the text. An English version is provided on demand. Calling Politicians A new group will be started on where we encourage people to call their local politicians and ask questions about the pandemic and the restrictions on our rights. The calls will be recorded and we will release the best recordings on our channels. Fractal Meeting for Parents to School kids A new project idea is to make a large meeting for parents to create a space for discussion about the pro/cons of the lockdown for our children. This can be arranged for separate schools or for all of Sweden. Fractal Circle Academy We will start a series of online presentations where Mikael Cromsjö teaches the fractal method to more people. Promotion Circle We encourage people to be part of sharing our content and promoting our projects. We will start a new group with a focus on public relations. Here everyone is important. We encourage people to join the new promotion group and make an effort to write about our projects and events in their own words on their pages and to their friends. Notes The meeting was good, we have a graphics designer as well as a developer who wants to help us. We will be sending flyers to Malmö and possibly Ludvika. We also have people who want to help sharing and writing about our projects.

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