The future as I see it is a new virtual society built on a decentralized block chain. DECISIONMAKING The most important part is to have a way of making decisions. Some argue that a block-chain should be totally without possibility to change the rules of the game as we go along. This will create trust in for example a currency that is not open for manipulation. You can see the rules as a constitution. I see the point in not allowing amendments to the constitution as this opens up a way for people to manipulate the original intention. Just as we can see the US being turned from the land of the free to a federal tyranny. I myself advocate a system using dynamic fractal organisations to create decisions, combined with a strong constitution with limited possibility to change its workings. DECENTRALIZATION A decentralized solution does not have one point of variability that can be attacked. There is no homepage, server or other part of the system that has a fixed point. Instead the software, hardware and data offered by all the people in the network. This can be demonstrated by the torrent network that to my knowledge has everything decentralized. The access points can be mirrored to many places making it impossible to take down all the domains hosing the software. In a secure network we also need to add a way of verifying data in the network. This is done by using block chain technology. There are not one point who decides what will be saved in the data chain, instead a update to the network is sent to many servers that verifies that it is correct and then post a suggestion for the new data. As many people are doing updates at the same time, the different servers have different ideas on what order the new transactions are taking place. Only one of the suggestions will be picked and inserted to the data chain. My ideas is to fractalize the block chains as well so that local block chains will be independently managed and stored in sub networks with fixed sizes. Here the two networks making a transaction will need to agree on a new data to be added, but the rest of the system do not need to be included in the process. This is a way to be able to scale up the system to any size, and also brings the possibility for networks to split or merge on demand. A network that is controlled by “trolls” can for example be excluded for another network, making it possible to put up a line of defense from attacks. BANKING Mining is the creation of new currency in a system. Many systems use a proof of work algorithm meaning that you can be part of suggesting new post, only if you do work for the network. This can be real work, like hosting data and making verifications, but it can also be any kind of work. In the bitcoin protocol the work is mostly to waste power. This power could be used for other important tasks like making calculations for real problems. The need to prove that you are working is created so that no one can put up massive amount of servers and start flooding the system with false information. In a proof of work situation, this will cost to much money. The other method is proof of stake. This only means that you need to be invested in the system to put up servers. This solution still makes it possible for one big investor to take over a large part of the system. This can be avoided by black listing bad servers and taking the invested claim from them. The process of black listing is again going to be decided from the system itself and could theoretically also be controlled by the bad servers, making it possible to take over the whole network. My idea is to let servers to get paid for their work but that there is no creating of new coins built into the system by default. Instead the new coins are created and distributed on the network according to voting in the fractal system. All members will be able to vote for projects that can get new credits and thus financing this project. Users can also be able to choose one or more representative that they trust to vote on their behalf. The problem with voting for creating new credits is that the voters can be manipulated and run over by bots or trolls. The fractal system give some security to this but can still be manipulated if someone controls most of the network. To counter this a proof of humanity system can be added, where users need to verify that they are real people by tests that they do in their sub fractal. LAW The last part of the system is to include a possibility to extend the system of laws to include real world actions. To create tribunals under a common law court and create rulings on humanitarian crimes. This can be used to exclude parties from access to the network. This can be of real consequence if a large company are not able to sell their product on the network. CONCLUTION I see the decentralized society as the next possibility to create a new society that can offer a real democracy, fair banking and a true a rule of law.

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