We are developing a model for a new society and the StayAwake.me community acts like a blueprint and playground for how the future societies can act. Declaration of Independence
  1. We declare ourselves a free sovereign society only governed by natural law and the regulation that we knowingly and willingly apply to ourselves by legal contract.
  2. All of the rules and regulations that the citizens of our society have in the past and will in the future agree on without full understanding or with fear of harming us or limit to our sovereign rights are and have always been nulled and void.


  1. The constitution is the highest law and gives and limits the mandate and operation of the governing bodies.
  2. The governing bodies are: The Constitution, The Parlament, The Executive Branch, and The Supreme Court.
  3. Updates to the constitution can be made by the constitutionary judges until it is ratified by all the governing bodies and it becomes the supreme law.
  4. No income or trade taxes is allowed to be taken from the citizens.
  5. No regulations may be made that hindrance the citizen to provide shelter and food or conduct trade or work.
  1. The parlament is where all major decisions are made concerning the society.
  2. The parlament is selected in a parliamentary fractal that takes place every year where all citizens of the society can take part.
  3. The parlament is composed by the inner 5% of the parliamentary fractal.
  4. The parlament chooses the members of the executive branch and the supreme court.
Executive Brach
  1. The executive branch puts the decisions of the parlament in action.
  2. The executive branch is composed by 1% of the citizens.
  3. The members of the executive branch works in 2 periods, first as heads of office and secondary as secretary to the new heads of office.
Supreme Court
  1. The supreme court rules on disputes among its members and defines, interprets and writes the laws and statues of the society.
  2. The executive branch is composed by 0.1% of the citizens.
  1. The statues regulates the citizens cooperation and trade within the society.


Money and Wealth
  1. The society accepts the coin as the legal tender for trade.
  2. New coins are created by the bank on order of the parlament and is lended, interest free to the government, the citizens and to projects.
  3. The value if one coin is worth one median hour of work.
  4. No citizen may hold property worth more than 10.000 coins in its possession.
  5. No citizen may earn more than 400 coins per month.
  6. All citizen will receive one coin per day.

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