WHY DO MANY PEOPLE THINK COVID-19 IS USED AS A CONTROL TOOL? All over the world we see a clear pattern: Democratic rights are dissolved due to epidemic. Mandatory vaccination is introduced to work, study or use community services. Opposition to societal development is censored from the media and the Internet. Alternative therapies for covid-19 are prohibited. The assets of the middle class are transferred to the upper class. Many wonder if this is in fact a global coup in which the UN, IMF, WEF, WHO and other global interests take power. Will this “pandemic” be permanent? Is the time of democratic rights over? Are we moving into a control system? Is this the ultimate solution to the “climate” and “overpopulation problem”? We have a big problem. Much larger than that caused by covid-19. Freedom is something that must be defended, otherwise we will lose it. Our democracy has slowly weakened and we must create a new system. A system controlled by us. The people.


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