We are making history

StayAwake.me is based on a totally decentralized platform. This means that the community is in charge of the development of the platform and this means that it will not be controlled or manipulated by the system.

To be able to meet many people and create projects together we are using the Fractal Meet video Conference Platform that is developed by FractalCircles.org. The platform is currently being developed and we are one of the first projects that will use the platform. This is a chance to make history.

The first meeting is on the 20th of February at 18.00 CET and we will have large meetings every month on the 20th. There will also be smaller meetings for every group on the platform where we will work on projects together.

The power of the fractal meet platform is that all participants will be divided into smaller circles that are interconnected in a way that lets thousands of people share ideas in a matter of hours. 

Be sure to be part of this movement.


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