This is a meeting place where awake people can find each other and create local meetings or work in an online action group. If you have a project you want to start you can with ease set up a group and start inviting people. The StayAwake crew offers tools and coaching to help you organize.


Start a local circle in your area. The StayAwake circle focuses primarily on Freedom and Civil Liberties and is a space for discussion and sharing. From this space, you can create focused meetings where you can discuss and plan how to make local manifestations on different topics.

We have helped to start many local groups working on subjects like 5G, lockdown, freedom marches, and more. 


When you are growing in numbers we offer help using fractal organizations methods to connect local circles. In this way, you can have many smaller local circles that join together to form larger groups. This is a great strength as it gives both more efficient meetings and enables you to organize under lock-down circumstances with limited possibilities to meet.

We have started fractal circles in Aljezur – Portugal, Göteborg – Sweden, Malmö – Sweden, Örebro – Sweden and Falkenberg – Sweden. 


You can also start a virtual group here that focuses on a specific topic. You will get access to the fractal meet platform where you can create large online meetings using the fractal circle method.

We are maintaining UniteAwake as well as StayAwake using online circles.


You can find projects under action groups on the StayAwake site. You can also start your own group there. There are open groups that needs help right now.


Order leaflets with information about problems with lock-down and hand out to your local community. We are currently operating in Göteborg and Malmö, Sweden.


Help to make the StayAwake community great by inviting people, making promo material, writing on the wall, and joining and hosting meetings.


Learn the fractal meeting method and help people to start their own fractal circles locally and online. Promote the method and connect with other networks to create co-operation.


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