The dark night of the soul is a theme in spiritual circles. It explains the difficulties that we need to thought in our spiritual progress to reach the other side, where light again shines. The dark night appears when we are ready to face the truth and have the courage to see our own shadows. It is a difficult thing and everyone does not make it to the other side.
As above so below. We can see that big things are happening. The slowly growing darkness that has been in the works for many years has now suddenly started to expand at a speed never seen in the history of the earth. The darkness seems to be ready to swallow us all at any time. This is both a nightmare and at the same time a possibility. Just as with the dark night of the soul, this has a possibility to open up for a bright new future.
Most people are not ready. Even within circles of aware people, many are far away from seeing what is really happening. Maybe you can see that the normal society is part of a lie, but the fear of seeing the true darkness that is within themselves and the hard work that they need to do to pass through to the other side they are clinging onto anything that they can find. They are externalizing the process and hope for other people to come and save the day. It can be aliens, Trump, Jesus, or even god. Anyone but themselves. All you need is to believe, is the mantra of this cult.
The world does not need to be saved, and you do not need to be liberated. You can not run away from the facts of the world or ignore what is happening. To combine the opposites is the middle way. I find myself over and over again clinging to my own mind creations. Wanting to save the world. I can see that it is not aligned with the flow, but I can only act it out until I have learned from my mistakes. You can not abandon your tasks just because you do not have all the answers. Then we would not be able to learn. Taking no step in either direction. I trust that everything will fall into place as we go along.
I warrior of light is not afraid of doing wrong. He/she knows that the way forward will be full of mistakes and accepts this fully. He/she does not cling to any particular outcome and does not despair when a battle is lost. After sitting down, stilling the mind, and connecting with the spirit of the land, the trees, and the heaven above he once again mounts his/her horse and draws the sword. Feeling proved to be one of the few, knowing that this pride is not the final answer. Still, he/she rides into the battle without regret.

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