The platform is created by the community and is totally decentralized and independent. All things related to the platform is decided using fractal meetings every 20:th of each month. This meeting has no leaders and no-one is in charge.

The StayAwake platform is power by the UniteAwake project that is maintaining the servers and developing the fractal meet platform and helps many of the projects on StayAwake. UniteAwake also uses fractal meetings to make decisions and host meetings every 2:nd, 11:th and 22:nd of each month.

UniteAwake is supported by the Exoteric Foundation, which is helping many projects by providing server space and very limited funding. The Exoteric Foundation is in turn funded by donations and ads from projects it supports, mostly a Swedish alternative media and activist site. All of these projects are started by me (Mikael Ananda Cromsjö) who is also the chairman of the Exoteric Foundation. 


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